What is our PIN?

Apr 20, 2021 | NEWS

What is our PIN? In the public sector a Prior Information Notice (PIN) is used to pre-inform suppliers about the planned procurement and to invite them to open market consultation, in order to involve suppliers, from throughout the EU and associated countries of Horizon 2020 programme, to compete and win contracts to deliver R&D of a technology that will meet the requirements. PIN is published at the Official journal of the European Union (OJEU)

The PIN sets out the procurement process and provides potential suppliers with as much information as possible ahead of the planned pre-commercial procurement and of the open market consultation (OMC): date, process…

ROSIA Prior Information Notice (PIN) will be soon published at the OJEU. The PIN will describe how the market consultation sessions are conceived and organized with due regard to the principles of openness, transparency, non-discrimination and equal treatment, in line with European procurement law.

Updated information 

See ROSIA Prior Information on TED published on May 10th

See ROSIA PIN Corrigendum on TED published on May 28th

What is our PIN?


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