ROSIA-PCP release a tender for companies interested in participating in the development of solutions for Remote RehabilitatiOService for Isolated Areas, will deliver a comprehensive service to patients in need of rehabilitation, enabled by cutting-edge technology, new care pathways and community support.

During the call for tender phase, the ROSIA consortium will answer questions by tenderers through the Spanish public procurement platform, in order to support companies and ease their participation in the PCP process.

The deadline for submission of tenders is 13:00 (CEST) on 30 June 2022.


ROSIA's Call for Tenders Process

Download the tenders documents

All Tender documents needed for preparing and submitting your ROSIA proposal are available at the Spanish public procurement platform (PLACSP). It is strongly recommended to read all documents carefully before submitting your tender.

Prepare your joint tender

A joint tender is the situation where a group (consortium) of operators agree to work together to submit a tender. The group (consortium) must select a ‘Lead Contractor’ who will have the power to sign the framework
agreement and call-off contracts in the name and on behalf of the group (consortium)


This PCP is being managed using the Spanish public procurement platform (PLACSP). It’s free to use and free to register as an Economic Operator. All documentation related to this request for tenders is freely available to any registered economic operator that records their interest in the contract notice.

Submit your tender

Tenders must be submitted using the Spanish public procurement platform (PLACSP). The tenderer is encouraged to familiarise itself with the Platform in advance of the submission

The deadline for submission of tenders is  13:00 (CEST) on 30 June 2022.



eTender Service Guides

Guides -in english and spanish- to facilitate the preparation and submission of bids are publicly available in the Spanish public procurement platform (PLACSP). They contain detailed instructions on how to register, express interest, create and answer messages and clarification requests, and prepare, sign and submit the offers through the platform. Tenderers are encouraged to carefully read the guides before submitting their bids.


Questions and Clarifications

The questions and clarifications related to the call for tender must be submitted through the messages section of the Spanish public procurement platform (PLACSP). Any question received after the deadline will not be answered.

NEW! Q&As Received

You may 📥 👉🏻download all questions and answers received about the tender.

Tender Clarifications

When you access the tender details in the Spanish Public Procurement Platform as an Economic Operator (EO), you can ask questions by clicking on the “Information Request” tab. You can also find answers to questions already posted by other bidders.

IT problems related to the Spanish Public Procurement Platform (PLACSP)

· Phone: +34 91 524 12 42
· Email:
· Helpdesk office hours are from 08:00 to 19:00 CET (Monday to Friday)


An Explanatory workshop on ROSIA’s call for tender will be organised at the beginning of May to clarify any doubts that may have arisen regarding the documentation bidders have to prepare for the tender.

Latest info: It will take place on May 9 at 10:00 (CEST).

Recordings available 

Matchmaking Tool

We encourage companies that cannot cover the whole ROSIA PCP solution to team up with other companies. The following companies are currently interested in finding partners to create consortia and participate in ROSIA PCP.

Have a look to check if they complement your profile and get in touch with them using the given contact details. If you want to appear on the list, register by filling the Matchmaking Form.

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