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ROSIA GENERAL  –  FAQ (Frequently asked questions)


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What is ROSIA- PCP about?

ROSIA proposes to generate a flexible and scalable value-based model of care, organized around self-management, or

self-care of rehabilitation at home, designed from a tailored integrated care model which optimizes the quality of care

and the use of clinical resources. Also a strong implication of the community is needed.

This model of care is extensive in its use of technology:

  • disruptive solutions at home,
  • data driven interventions, and an open platform for third party solutions that integrates timely and effective communication.
How could ROSIA PCP impact on industry, eco-systems, and policy makers?

The bases of the ROSIA model to enable this paradigm shift are a combination of technology, integrated care models, and a value-based model:

1.- The ROSIA Innovation Ecosystem aims to remove barriers for the market development: There are often barriers for services to incorporate devices and apps since they are not connected, rather standalone, isolated, disease specific and usually not integrated into the care workflow or health and care system infrastructure.

2.- A proactive and dynamic integrated telerehabilitation care model for supported self-management and community resources engagement.

3.- A value-based model for business modelling and long-term sustainability.

The three pillars are to be co-designed and inter-related through the model development process to warrantee an innovative solution through technological platforms with a long-term sustainability.

How can people participate in the ROSIA PCP tender?

You are invited to participate in the preparation of the tender document and in the OMC process launched in May2021.

You can send us your proposals following this link  https://rosia-pcp.eu/procedure-to-unsolicited-offers/ in our website and participating in the OMC

How could ROSIA PCP help other R&D projects?

Promoting ROSIA’s challenges among these entities and offering matchmaking tools for the creation of consortia. Building bridges so that their research becomes part of the market products.

In other words, we will help them to transfer the results of their research to the market and we will finance them through ROSIA’s contracts.

What are the benefits of ROSIA‐PCP?

The combination of the increasing demand burden and limited resources in public health and care systems, with the difficulties for patients living in remote areas to attend rehabilitation sessions, and the availability of disruptive technologies, make self-management in rehabilitation an especially attractive area for healthcare transformation.

ROSIA-PCP aims to develop an eco-system that includes:

  • Self-management: Use of monitoring and intervention technologies to facilitate the user maintaining the intensity of the therapy, while minimizing the intervention of resources from the healthcare system.
  • Reduction of necessary clinical support for patients in home telerehabilitation.
  • Reduce the amount of information to be managed by healthcare professionals to what is defined.
  • Empowerment: Facilitate means and procedures for users (patients and family) to become digitally and clinically educated.
  • Motivation: Explore behavioural change schemas to develop personalized strategies for motivation, based on patient profile, and real-time data.

Adherence: Provide solutions to support and monitoring adherence to complete treatment (medication, skin care, weight management, etc.).

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