End Phase 1 of the European precommercial public procurement project ROSIA-PCP

During this Phase 1, the selected Contractors were asked to provide a solution design and determine the approach to be taken to develop ROSIA solution and services needed and demonstrate the technical, financial, and commercial feasibility of the proposed concepts and approach to meet the procurement needs.

Logo CERTH Contractor of ROSIA-PCP European Project.

Project´s name: RAISE

Led by the Greek entity CERTH (Centre For Research And Technology Hellas), which also integrates the Spanish TELEVES, IBV and Vidavo, the Greek Research Committee University Ioannina (UoI) and  Trilateral Research, and the Portuguese INESCTEC.

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The crucial role of tele rehabilitation on health care services’ quality improvement is well grounded and acknowledged. However, despite the high potential a number of inadequate factors in respect to rehabilitation particularly in rural/remote areas are still unsolved.

A wide development and effective implementation of digital tools and state-of-the-art technologies such as VR, AR, AI in clinical tele rehabilitation is currently missing. In alignment with the aforementioned needs, RAISE proposes the design, operation and testing of viable care models as key elements in the content of remote health care self-management.

In particular, RAISE proposes an innovative set of tools for an integrated patient pathway towards tele-rehabilitation, whose pillars are:

      • An open platform available to patients, their informal caregivers and healthcare professionals for clinical supervision, shared care plan design, prescription recommendation, and social collaboration for the tele-rehabilitation period, with a user-friendly multimedia environment;
      • A catalogue of devices, services and tools empowering and educating patients towards self-management with a shared care plan across different fields, such as gamified physical exercise, nutrition, speech and language therapy, and more;
      • A developers’ layer on which the solutions will be built, that will provide guidance to the developer for developing catalogue services and integrating with the open platform, as well as assess newly offered solutions to ensure high quality and certified services.
Logo eurecat Contractor of ROSIA-PCP European Project.

Project´s name: PROHAB

The Spanish technology centre Eurecat, which also involves two other Spanish entities, the SME Doole Health, and the Germans Trias i Pujol research centre (IGTP).

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PROHAB proposes the implementation of the ROSIA Open Platform supported by a Patient Management System for professionals, three different self-management systems (app-based) for patients, an AI set of services for Recommender and Decision Support Systems, a Governance System and a set of developer tools (SDK/APIs) in order to foster the integration of innovative, technology-based rehabilitation systems into the overall platform.

PROHAB offers self-management to rehabilitation patients for their empowerment and saving trips to rehabilitation facilities, intelligent support through suitable recommender systems focused on the main pillars of health (physical activity, sleeping activity, nutrition, and mindfulness) and a managed digital community to foster peer support and motivation.

To provide collaboration, cooperation, continuous patient monitoring and follow-up, professionals have access to a management system that includes decision support systems for risk stratification and care plan definition.

PROHAB will be ready for integration with third party systems supporting different clinical data exchange formats.

Logo Bahia Software Contractor of ROSIA-PCP European Project.

Project´s name: ULTREIA

The Spanish companies Bahia Software and Rehametric.

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Specialist rehabilitation services provide specific and multidisciplinary care to individuals after illness or injury. It also maximises patient recovery after hospital admission and support a safe transition back home.

The application of digital transformation in rehabilitation services will increase accessibility and continuity of care in vulnerable and remote populations, saving time and resources in health care.

ULTREIA pursues a positive impact on a large, fragmented and highly competitive market. ULTREIA is the result of a combination of two main groups of technologies: An open ICT infrastructure to accommodate different Telerehabilitation technologies and a catalogue of specific Telerehabilitation technologies with a platform for its development.

ULTREIA aims to gather new insights regarding remote patient rehabilitation management and the development of a system providing a co-designed, personalized, effective, and cost-efficient care for patients working from home.

Logo Forth Foundation Contractor of ROSIA-PCP European Project.

Project´s name: REHABILITYOPEN

Led by the Greek technology centre; Foundation For Research And Technology Hellas (FORTH) and includes the SMEs DyCare (Spain), Konnektable Technologies (Ireland), LifeCharger (Italy), Wellics (UK); the companies PDMFC Group (Portugal) and Uni Systems (Greece).

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RehabilityOpen offers a combination of tools and services for telerehabilitation that are amongst the most advanced in the market. RehabilityOpen offers a state-of-the-art digital platform that allows the personalized therapy design and remote monitoring of patients and enhances communication through individual patient-physician channels.

Patients are at the core of the RehabilityOpen digital ecosystem. RehabilityOpen services facilitate self-monitoring, support synergies and therapeutic alliances between patients, informal care givers (e.g., family members), health and care professionals, and improve the engagement and therapeutic adherence of patients with chronic conditions or undergoing at-home therapies.

To reach these goals, RehabilityOpen provides a secure and trusted channel for telemonitoring, data exchange, smart guidance, motivation towards healthy lifestyles and enhancement of well-being practices.

RehabilityOpen follows privacy and security by design principles and is fully compliant with GDPR regulations.

Logo gmv Contractor of ROSIA-PCP European Project.

Project´s name: REHABILITA+

Consortium formed by the Spanish company GMV, with subcontractors Patient Solutions of Ashfield Iberia SLU and Fundación TECNALIA Research & Innovation.

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Our objective in this project is to build and commercialize an Open Platform providing high-quality tele-rehabilitation services. Our goal is that after the project, healthcare providers can have a cost-effective solution technically and clinically validated, able to improve patient’s outcomes, ease the work of health professionals.

Rehabilita+ will provide a platform that provides the technical means to coordinate the work of the care team, involve the patient through a Shared Care Plan, create personalized therapy plans, and allow the patient to take more control over and be able to self-manage the recovery process through more information, education, and access to services like mental health, nutrition counselling, and proper monitoring of their training and evolution.

The platform we are proposing will not be a development from scratch. Our goal is to provide healthcare providers a single and highly secure environment to select, use and prescribe rehabilitation services, and for developers to create new services and reach new markets.

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