ROSIA (which stands for Remote RehabilitatiOn Service for Isolated Areas), will deliver a comprehensive service to patients in need of rehabilitation, enabled by cutting-edge technology, new care pathways and community support.



ROSIA (which stands for Remote RehabilitatiOn Service for Isolated Areas), will deliver a comprehensive service to patients in need of rehabilitation, enabled by cutting-edge technology, new care pathways and community support.


ROSIA is ready to purchase the design of a technology-enabled all-in-one service, flexible enough to adapt to a large variety of European health-care systems, and which will allow the full development of ROSIA’s model – complementing existing public resources with a public-private partnership.


ROSIA’s PCP project has partners in Spain, Portugal and Ireland; a well-balanced consortium of partner organizations that gather a dream multidisciplinary team.


PCP – Pre-Commercial Procurement is a tool to stimulate innovation as it enables the public sector to steer the development of market solutions directly towards its needs.


Our Team

Three public procurers from Aragón (Spain), Coimbra (Portugal) and Dublin (Ireland ) will jointly procure  ROSIA’s service design and deployment. Seven knowledge partners will support them. Two portuguese municipalities are also partners in ROSIA.


Our means

ROSIA is ready to deploy a complete solution set for scale-up: it includes an open platform to integrate third-party solutions, a tailored integrated care path, a catalogue of personalized services for patients, a motivational programme realised through community interventions – and all of it aligned in a value-based service model.

Our goals

We hope to accomplish a triple victory: Patients, Healthcare and EntrepreneurshipPatients in rural areas will be able to work through their rehabilitation programs from home and to extend them as much as they need. The healthcare system will be able to increase its capacity with current resources. And the European business community will have a chance to penetrate an up until now locked-up healthcare system


Who will benefit?

ROSIA aims to design future rehabilitation services for remote rural areas, based on disruptive technologies, and supported by a continuous care model.

Seven pathologies have been selected to test the system: chronic spinal cord injury, acquired brain injury, COPD, arthroplasty, cardio-vascular disease, hip fracture, and COVID-19.


ROSIA is eager to unlock the entry of disruptive innovation in self-rehabilitation into public healthcare systems.

To attain this ROSIA plans to develop an ICT Innovation Ecosystem for telerehabilitation that is able to integrate technology from third parties in a catalogue devised for clinical prescription.

Main dates

The project started January 2021 and will last 54 months. The OMC is scheduled for July 12th, the call for tender publication for March 2022, and the last phase of the PCP for Q4 of 2023 (and envisaged to last 18 months).




Preparation STAGE PCP

Where participants’ functions are co-designed with all involved stakeholders, the open market consultation is co-created with the industry, and the tender documents are redacted and validated.



Solution Design

Where we develop a feasibility study of solutions from awarded bidders.



Prototype Development

Where we develop prototypes of the most promising solutions from Phase 1




Field Test

Where the best prototypes are tested in real life scenarios at each procurer’s site




Here you will find news to keep you up to date with the progress of project ROSIA.

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Servicio Aragonés de Salud announces launch of €3.9m call for tenders for European PCP project ROSIA.

- The call for tenders will remain open from 31 March to 30 June. - The project aims to develop an innovation ecosystem that enables the integration of public health services...

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Procedure for Unsolicited Offers

Since the beginning of project ROSIA, several economic operators have contacted ROSIA's partners to present unsolicited offers to the Consortium . Procedure for unsolicited...

What is our PIN?

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What is an Open Market Consultation?

Official launch of ROSIA, “Remote rehabilitation service for isolated areas “, a project funded from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under...

PCP Execution Phases

The ROSIA PCP will implement an effective and efficient methodological approach to ensure the successful preparation and conduction of the pre-commercial procurement and to lay...

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Date/Hour Event
May 6, 2021
Seminar "The Health Path from Idea to Market”
June 16, 2021
10:00 - 12:30
OMC Information Event – SPAIN – June, 16th
June 25, 2021
10:00 - 12:30
OMC Information Event – INTERNATIONAL – June 25th
June 28, 2021
10:00 - 12:30
OMC Information Event – IRELAND June, 28th
June 30, 2021
14:30 - 17:00
OMC Information Event – PORTUGAL – June 30th
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How will ROSIA make a difference?

ROSIA will design, validate and assess a state-of-the-art model to address a common need: self-management of telerehabilitation, supported by community integrated care.

To do so:

– We will unlock the market to existing disruptive SMEs.

– We will pull existing research solutions out from the lab.

– We will get ready for scale-up.

And furthermore:

– We will generate evidence on results and guidelines, to improve and motivate participation in a PCP.

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