ROSIA is paving the way towards a self-care model to treat chronic conditions and disabilities among the European population. The project is committed to the self-care and self-management of patients and their caregivers, making sure they are as independent as possible and are able to take control of their own treatments, building on their own personal capabilities.

ROSIA was launched January 2021 and involves 12 partners across 5 countries. The project has received €5.5 million in funding from the EU. Three public entities, Departamento de Sanidad del Gobierno de Aragón in Spain, Centro Hospitalar e Universitário de Coimbra in Portugal, and the National Rehabilitation Hospital in Ireland, are jointly procuring a self-care solution from the market using a PCP instrument (a type of tendering process).


ROSIA is looking for

  • Companies developing technological solutions that could be useful in tele-rehabilitation.
  • Companies that provide open platforms able to support these kinds of services.
  • Companies that manage community services related to tele-rehabilitation.
  • Companies that monitor engagement and motivation.
The present questionnaire has been designed to collect feedback from the market about ROSIA’s Pre-Commercial Procurement (PCP). It will also give you a chance to share any information you deem relevant regarding solutions potentially useful to ROSIA.

It will take approximately 20-30 min.

If you are looking for a partnership to help you better meet the requirements of ROSIA’s tender, please fill out the section titled Partner Search.
Completing this questionnaire is neither a prerequisite for entering the tender nor does it provide any advantages when submitting a bid. For more information about ROSIA’s Open Market Consultation (OMC): 
The contents of this publication are the sole responsibility of ROSIA PCP and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the European Union. 


The deadline for completing this questionnaire is 3 September, 2021. However, the matchmaking section will remain open until the call for tenders closes (expected before the end of Q1 2022).
If you have any question and you need to contact us, please, access OMC Questions&Answers

ROISA OMC’s questionnaire is now closed

Thanks to all contributors! ROISA OMC’s questionnaire is now closed. The surveys will be analysed and results will be published by the end of October.

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