PCP Execution Phases

Abr 15, 2021 | NEWS

The ROSIA PCP will implement an effective and efficient methodological approach to ensure the successful preparation and conduction of the pre-commercial procurement and to lay the foundations for large-scale procurement of the fully developed ROSIA solutions after the duration of the PCP.

Pre-commercial procurement (PCP) is the procurement of research and development of new innovative solutions before they are commercially available. PCP involves different suppliers competing through different phases of development. The risks and benefits are shared between the procurers and the suppliers under market conditions.

Public procurers involved in the ROSIA project have the common goal to deliver disruptive solutions to support effective implementation of scalable and cost-effective telerehabilitation solutions for people living in rural areas requiring long-term and tailored rehabilitation treatments, throughout the implementation of a Pre-Commercial Procurement scheme (PCP). The project will make progress towards this aim by stimulating the demand and creating a robust framework for practical PCP outcomes within the project duration. This will also promote innovation in Europe, via demand through the PCP, which has, so far, been an under-utilized tool.

The ROSIA PCP process will start with an extensive preparation stage and is followed by the execution stage organized in three development phases. The preparation stage (PHASE 0) includes the Prior information Notice Publication (PIN) and the Open Market Consultation (OMC).

The execution stage will consist of: a joint PCP procurement process and the implementation, in three phases, of the PCP contracts under the supervision of the buyers’ group, ensuring execution of the R&D services by the providers according to the action plan, implementation, and requirements defined in the preparation stage.

  • PHASE 1 Solution design will develop the feasibility study of selected solutions from awarded bidders. Duration: 3 months
  • PHASE 2 Prototyping development of most promising solutions from PHASE 1. Duration: 8 months
  • PHASE 3 Pre-commercial small scale solution deployment – Field test. Validation of best prototyped solutions in real life scenario at each procurer site. Duration: 18 months.
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