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Jul 7, 2021 | NEWS

More than 40 companies express interest in participating in the design of a telerehabilitation system for remote areas in Europe

 Project ROSIA’s procurement will be channelled through a Pre-Commercial Instrument (PCP) and will invest 9 million

 ROSIA will enable, from 12 July to 3 September, an online tool to help organisations find potential partnerships in meeting the tender


Zaragoza, July 7 2021 .- A total of 42 companies have expressed interest in participating in the design of the telerehabilitation services Europe wants to set up for remote or sparsely populated areas; organisations involved in patient care platforms, tele-rehabilitation services, virtual reality, sensors and monitoring software, have presented their solutions at some of the four information events that ROSIA has organised during the month of June.

These organisations have been the first to showcase their solutions for a system that is expected to revolutionise healthcare in areas where low population density and the advanced age of residents mean it is very difficult to offer a face-to-face rehabilitation services.

ROSIA’s informative events are a preparatory step for the tender it will be launching spring 2022, co-funded by the European Commission’s H2020 programme, and where € 3.9 million will be invested. The events have been useful in identifying the technologies that are being developed in the market, and have allowed their promoters to form alliances that will help them meet the requirements of next year’s tender.

ROSIA is working on tools to help the various interested organisations design their proposals. To this end, the preliminary market consultation will be launched 12 July, and from then until 3 September, interested organisations will be able to access information on the requirements of the tender as well as an online tool that helps in the search for potential partners.  All of this information and more will be available on ROSIA’s website: ROSIA’s website

The aim is to involve organisations developing applications and devices that can become part of ROSIA’s catalog of telerehabilitation services, as well as organisations that provide open platforms to enable the connection of these applications. ROSIA is also interested in projects specialising in the management of socio-community services related to telerehabilitation or that have experience in monitoring and motivating patients.


 Three public procurers form ROSIA’s buyers’ group: Servicio Aragonés de Salud (Spain), National Rehabilitation Hospital (Ireland) and the Centro Hospitalar e Universitário de Coimbra (Portugal). They plan to acquire, through a Public Procurement of Innovation instrument (PPI), the design of the future’s tele-rehabilitation services for remote areas.

The project focuses on the development of an  intelligent platform for tele-rehabilitation services  designed for patients in remote areas. Applications and devices from ROSIA’s Catalogue will be connected to this platform, allowing community supported and supervised self-care  services to be integrated into patients’ care plans. ROSIA’s value-based model of integrated care can also open the door to rethinking new business models and incentives for providers, improve equity in access to rehabilitation resources and contribute to improving the sustainability of these services.

ROSIA is a project funded by the European research and development programme Horizon2020 under GA 101017606.

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