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SelfBack is a new evidence based, AI-driven digital therapeutics solution for patients with low back pain (LBP) which was developed over 5 years by world leading scientists and clinicians in the musculoskeletal and work environmental field.

SelfBack is the product of an international research collaboration with world leading scientists in the musculoskeletal and Lifestyle Factors and Health area. Firstly, a selection of key researchers involved in the development will be presented, and afterwards key employees of the company itself will be presented: Key researchers: Professor Jan Hartvigsen, Department of Sports Science and Clinical Biomechanic at SDU, Denmark: WHO Back Pain Expert and co-author of the clinical guidelines for Low Back Pain.

– Professor Hartvigsen started the selfBACK-project, which has evolved into the digital therapeutics solution, SelfBack. Professor Karen Søgaard, Department of Sports Science and Clinical Biomechanic at SDU, Denmark: The world’s most cited researcher within the Lifestyle Factors and Health research area. Professor Per Kjær, Department of Sports Science and Clinical Biomechanic at SDU, Denmark: Per’s personal mission is to bridge the gap between research and practice, to ensure high-quality care for people with health issues, especially musculoskeletal disorders. Professor Paul Jarle Mork, Department of Public Health and Nursing at NTNU, Norway: Expertise lies in how physical activity can be used to treat, among other things, musculoskeletal problems.

– Professor Frances Mair, Institute of Health & Wellbeing, University of Glasgow: The research field is in chronic diseases and the digital healthcare transformation towards personalized treatment. Key employees: Søren Kleberg, founder & CEO: 11 years of experience in app development with multiple top 10 apps in different categories. Strong focus on International Business Development. Rasmus Faddersbøll, founder & CTO: Mobile & Backend development and AI-engineer. Mathias Grøn Lisberg Paulsen, Product Owner: MSc in Engineering – Health Informatics and Technology, and authorized physiotherapist. – Product: SelfBack delivers a brand new AI-driven digital therapeutics solution for patients with Low Back Pain (LBP).

SelfBack was developed over the course of 5 years, by a multidisciplinary team of world leading scientists; experts in the musculoskeletal and work environmental field. The primary functionality of SelfBack is a ‘Decision Support System’, or DSS, which helps citizens to follow a treatment plan based on exercises, (both strength and flexibility), educational elements and physical activity through the counting of steps taken during the day.

The solution has been developed to be used as a supplement to the already existing treatment of LBP in a rehabilitation plan. All of this is being adapted to the citizens personal goals, demographic values, progress of the ailment and level of functioning. The solution has been developed into an app which can be used by everyone with a smartphone, regardless of whether it’s an Android or an iPhone. SelfBack distinguishes itself exactly because of the personalised training- and rehabilitation plans, which are fulfilling all the requirements of the National Clinical Guidelines.

This solves the issues of existing treatments not being data-driven and/or not delivering on all the requirements of the National Clinical Guidelines. Through the use of AI and data, the patient is continuously monitored, which ensures consistent high quality of the treatment for Low Back Pain, and eases the rehabilitation plan for the individual. SelfBack is CE-certified under MDD as a Medical Device Class I, and underwent a thorough and extensive test in a large scale RCT (Randomized Controlled Trial), in Denmark and Norway, back in 2019-2020. Our high level of clinical evidence makes it possible to implement SelfBack as a solution eligible for reimbursement through a prescription in the public health care sector.

This opens up a possibility to be implemented and reimbursed in many markets, such as the USA, UK and Germany, where regulation of digital solutions on prescription already exists and is implemented. This ensures multiple pathways for SelfBack into markets, combined with the clinical evidence as the backbone of the solution. By using AI for personalized treatment plans, SelfBack lives up to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals number 3 (Good Health and Wellbeing) and number 10 (Reduced Inequalities), by delivering the highest quality treatment to everyone, regardless of personal differences, time and place.

The European Union has identified Artificial Intelligence as a Key Enabling Technology, in which they list 6 different key aspects that have the potential to radically transform society in different ways and aspects. This is why the EU supports and prioritizes innovation and research within those 6 sectors.

We are proud to be a part of that strategic effort to underline the importance of AI from the EU, and believe Europe are looking into a very exciting future.


  • Non-exhaustive examples of cooperation possibilities.
  • Regulatory insight in Spain, Portugal and/or Ireland.
  • Cultural adaptation of the solution/’localisation’.
  • Health tech. assessments/economical analysis.
  • Market entry and implementation.

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