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Health Insight Solutions GmbH (HIS) is the daughter company of an experienced eHealth advisory company based in Brussels. Health Insight Solutions GmbH (HIS) is dedicated exclusively to the development sales and deployment of telehealth and telecare solutions. Its clients are health- and social care providers

We are specialised in platform for the telemonitoring of frail individuals (older people, chronic patients, people in rehabilitation after an hospitalisation episode). We have started our activities in 2007 and our systems Health Insight Solutions GmbH have been installed in 14 European countries.

Since 2008, we are the suppliers of telemonitoring solutions to the Barbastro Health Sector in Aragon which is one of the ROSIA pilot sites.


  • We would like to be part of a consortium which values our long-term relationship with the Barbastro Health Sector and our understanding of the local context there. Our interest in the project making our telemonitoring platform ROSIA-compliant and to integrate it with disease-specific devices and apps.
  • We can also support the coordinator with our PCP experience having already participated as Lead Supplier in five PCP tenders, three of which have been successful.
  • In the case of ROSIA we have discarded the idea of leading again a consortium because we lack competence in too many areas relevant for the project.
  • If requested, we can also provide competence in change management in the care field and in impact evaluation of Technology Enabled Care interventions, either directly or through organisation we have a close relationship with.

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Organization  details:

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Medical devices & apps

Oranization size:

micro (<10 employees and < €2 m tumover)

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Marco d’Angelantonio


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