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Euleria Health was born in February 2020 with the aim of creating innovative solutions that lead patients and professionals towards a more measurable and accessible rehabilitation, from the clinic to home. A difficult and ambitious task, in a world that was literally transforming itself under the blows of the pandemic, but which we decided to carry out with courage and determination.

In 2022, after the great results reached in 2020 and 2021, I.A.C.E.R. srl, a leading company in home therapies, invested in Euleria Health and entered the company structure, bringing together with the current partners, new finance necessary to develop and transform the tele-rehabilitation market in Europe.

Euleria Health offering is composed by two lines of medical devices, graded class 1/m, Riablo and Kari. All products and services are based on inertial measurement units (thanks to the strong partnership with Movella Xsens) and interactive software entirely developed internally.

Riablo is a tool aimed at supporting the professional in rehabilitation and reactivation and in patient evaluation. Riablo supports the professional thanks to the measurement and consequent objectification of the activities related to the exercise therapy to be carried out in the clinic.

Kari is a tool designed to help professionals support home exercise therapy for patients of various kinds. The app for the patient provides a video guide of all the exercises to be performed, and a simple real-time feedback obtained from the sensor worn and connected via bluetooth.

At the end of each exercise, the patient receives a score proportional to the ability to perform the movement correctly both in terms of amplitude and consistency with the timing shown by the video.


  • Euleria Health has a strong background in rehabilitation and tele-rehabilitation, with a great expertise in software design and development. The team has already successfully participated and completed other PCPs projects on tele-rehabilitation and fragile patients. Consortium and/or partners looking for a strong player in the tele-rehabilitation field can contact us.

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Medical devices & apps

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small (<50 employees and < €10 m tumover)

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Enrica Di Sipio


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