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We are a Swedish consortium, the NUICROSS Scandinaviam Consortium including a communication platform, a cardiac rehabilitation platform, and a LifeStyle intervention program.

The present consortium encompasses 4 Swedish companies/start-ups (NUITEQ, CROSS TECHNOLOGY SOLUTION, PROBITS, and ALNORTE VM), collaborating in the provision of a comprehensive online cardiac rehabilitation (CR) program. We combine the digitalization of current CR programs delivered by Swedish public healthcare services with a novel method for systematic interviewing of patients by the multidisciplinary rehabilitation team (the so-called MENTOR- methodology).

For this purpose, we plan the use of a comprehensive telecommunication system with multilingual capability that fulfills the highest standards of security and personal integrity, and two advanced mobile platforms dedicated to the delivering of cardiac rehabilitation and self-management and the promotion of a healthy lifestyle.

Our consortium configures a balanced mix of established companies, consolidated digital solutions, and international presence, with the potential and the spirit of young start-ups with a high degree of underlying scientific expertise and innovative approaches.

Taking advantage of the digitalization era, our general objective is to export the benefits that our high-quality Scandinavian rehabilitation model may bring about to other European countries.

We look forward to having the opportunity to grow and develop our services in accordance with the needs and suggestions from the procurers of the ROSIA project.

This includes of course the collaboration with international companies into the ROSIA ecosystem contributing to provide a holistic tele rehab digital solution for all users.


  • We expect partners providing medical devices to monitor health data and physical activity to integrate with our solutions.

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Small (<50 employees and < €10 turnover)

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Manuel Gonzalez


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