Fundacio Joan Costa Roma-CST group


Fundacio Joan Costa Roma-CST group, excellent recruiting capabilities in an area of 200.000 people. with large experitse in rehabilitation and large sample size. We also have experience in the coordination of european projects, we coordinated the FP7 physisodom intended for healthy aging to monitor participants at home with a technological tool.

We have expertise in deploying technological tools at home, training participants and professionals and monitoring participants with a ICT tool. Also we have expertise on providing professionals requirements to design the platform and identifying expert users to provide acceptability clues before the design.


  • We can became a pilot with our recruitment capability to follow up and motivate patients by using a technological tool If required, we can coordinate and promote the consortium.

Organization  details:

Organization type:

Follow-up and motivation of patients

Oranization size:

small (<50 employees and < €10 tumover)

Headquartes country:




Contact person

Ramon Roca


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