Freddie Med

Freddie Med is a healthcare ecosystem technology including a complete clinical management system, patient portal and dispensation portal. The technology is based on network architecture, GDPR-compliant data sharing rules and international interoperability standards.

Freddie Med provides simple, affordable, and easily accessible web apps to help medical professionals launch and run healthcare services globally. The strength of our technology is the network architecture which enables professionals to create global IT infrastructure, institution-independent care teams and entire patient-centric healthcare ecosystems.

The system has three access portals. The professional portal is used to manage the entire clinical workflow. It includes scheduling, patient records, referrals, prescriptions, video technology, billing, payments in 135+ currencies, and more.

The patient portal is multilingual and provides access to all clinical documents including prescriptions and referrals as well as online booking, payment details, access control, and dependent accounts. The dispensation portal allows pharmacists to access prescriptions and register dispensation.

The system is optimized for telemedicine. It deploys cloud-based datacentres, international interoperability standards, and APIs.


  • Freddie Med are looking for an overall manager for the tender. All technical documentation is available and the existing technology covers about 60% of the Platform and Development Layer requirements for this project.

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Organization  details:

Organization type:

Open platform

Oranization size:

Micro (<10 employees and < €2 m tumover)

Headquartes country:




Contact person

Daniel Klusmann


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