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Technological centre specialising in Artificial Intelligence, Visual Computing and Interaction. It transfers technologies to enable businesses to be more competitive and to have a positive impact on society, in line with our social commitment.

As a technological center we don’t have products, but we have experts in several computer science disciplines such as artificial intelligence, Big data, visual analytics and interoperability. Part of our knowledge is condensed in our set of software libraries ( Also, we have plenty of experience in technology transfer to companies for its commercialisation.

We have experience in deploying digital platforms that can:

-Produce a data-driven recommendation for the intervention of the patient abiding by the clinical guides for each health condition.

-Virtual Coach to support the patient adherence to the prescribed rehabilitation exercises and maintain a healthy lifestyle by analyzing several sources of data (e.g. monitoring devices, rehabilitation assessment metrics) and providing motivational interventions, to guarantee the achievement of medical goals and detect undesired events.

-Contribute to the self-management of the clinical condition by providing software tools that can guide the patient through programs to treat the clinical conditions and maintain healthy habits.

-Interact with and support monitoring and intervention devices or systems by implementing standard interoperability protocols.

-Guide and analyze the rehabilitation motions by using low-cost motion capture systems and computing function-oriented performance metrics. One of our main goals is sharing our expertise and evolving into products the prototype solutions that we have developed in the areas of Artificial Intelligence and Visual computing applied to rehabilitation and virtual coaching.


  • We are looking for partners fitting in these categories, complementary to our profile: -Companies with specific rehabilitation solutions, software (e.g. motor rehabilitation of the upper/lower limbs) and hardware (e.g. medical devices) -Patient-related institutions for validation, requirements and domain knowledge.

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Open platform

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Medium (<250 employees and < €50 turnover)

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María Moral Molina


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