PLUX Wireless Biosignals

Private company

We create biosignal solutions that inspire innovation in education, research, and healthcare.

Join our user base with currently over 700 research institutions and companies of active PLUX product users.

Biosignalsplux is the most versatile platform for the acquisition of physiological signals for research and development.

Most Biosignal recording solutions are designed for single sensor data acquisitions, which can be limitative in multi-modal research applications.

Biosignalsplux supports data acquisitions using up to 8 sensors per device and a continuously growing portfolio of over 20 different interchangeable sensors, for researchers & developers to create multi-sensor setups that are tailored to their needs.

Organization  details:


Medical devices & apps

Oranization size:

Small (<50 employees and < €10 turnover)

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Contact person

Pedro Duque


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