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Physio R&D ApS has developed Optimov, a unique online platform for preventive and effective telerehabilitation that can be used anywhere, anytime. It is designed to be an intuitive, easy to use tool, providing quality- and safety-assured exercise programs for chronic cardiopulmonary patients, matching patients needs and physical energy.

Optimov is constantly improving based on patients’ feedback, as we want them to get the care they need. We have created a Virtual Autonomous Physiotherapist Agent (VAPA) that acts as a real physiotherapist to show patients what exercises to do during a workout and following different biometric information tracked by easy to attach wearables.

The platform has other modules to teach patients on how to cope with disease, create reports according to the patient´s progression and keep them connected to their real therapist from a distance via chat and video consultations.

optimov Web app: Used to manage the patient from a remote location. Activities include, create specific content (exercise sets, e-learning, questionnaires) Designing a rehab program, monitoring the results, communicate via video & chat sessions with patient. Biometrics : A range of biometric devices can be added. The pulse and blood oxygen level are measured throughout the activity.

We also have plans to make a link to a sleep monitor to better customize the training course for patients. AR Glasses : Patients can exercise outdoors followed by the agent who can guide and motivate the patient to combine walking and running with any kind of challenging exercises, enhancing patient independence to move in the urban room and keep physically active. vata Mobile App: Installed in tablet or AR glasses.

Key functions are: interactive list of rehab tasks to perform. VR/AR training scene guided by an agent who tracks user via biometric information to adjust training intensity . Communication channel via video & chat sessions with therapist.


  • Hospitals, rehabilitation centers, home healthcare services, Municipalities, Regions, biometric sensor providers, AR glasses providers, VR content providers, educative health video providers, patient organisations, health insurances, universities.

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