Opa Mind

Start up

AI based Voice Tech solutions to assist with with Emotional & Mental Health wellness.

Opa Mind have developed a unique exciting new ” Voice Driven ” support platform for people who struggle with emotional & mental health pressures. A developer of AI-based voice driven mental wellness tools, designed for self-engagement and monitoring of emotional states.

The company has developed a voice input system (Opa Mind) that has the ability to listen and display various emotional based metrics, vocal biomarkers and supports, enabling individuals to undertake actionable follow-up steps in order to improve health and wellbeing.

One of the great difficulties with emotional health pressures is that many people feel they cannot speak to another person about their pressures.


  • We would like to examine interoperability within the provision of an overall offering to the project.

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Organization  details:


Follow-up and motivation of patients

Oranization size:

Micro (<10 employees and < €2 m turnover)

Headquartes country:





Contact person

Martin Lawlor



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