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Kodfu is specialized in the design and development of digital healthcare systems. Our business focuses on global products that improve the efficiency of healthcare organizations, public institutions and individuals (patients) in general.

We develop cutting-edge solutions to complex problems for commercial, academic and government organizations. Our Agile software engineering methodology enables the development of commercial-quality products at a quick pace.

Kodfu is a small but competent company thanks to having a core team focused on a relatively narrow topic, integrated digital health products.

Our team consists of 15 experts mostly technical people on health software development. Our main revenue source is public procurements and tailor-made software development for enterprise companies.

Our biggest customer is Turkish Ministry of Health. Our secondary source of income is a set of digital products solely developed and owned by Kodfu.

  • Expectations:

Seeking a coordinator to see through documentation and partners with expertise in healthcare.

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Organization  details:


Medical devices & apps

Oranization size:

Small (< 50 employees and < €10 m turnover)

Headquartes country:





Contact person

Fatih Savuran



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