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Kinesis Health Technologies is a multi-award-winning falls prevention company, a leader in digital health. Kinesis solutions utilise wearable sensors, signal processing and machine learning to produce a comprehensive and accurate assessment of physical function, including gait, balance, mobility and falls risk in a variety of patient populations.
Our solutions are based on 13 years of research and development and originate from the Technology Research for Independent Living centre, a €22m ageing research centre funded by Intel and GE.

We are a digital health company with expertise in assessment and monitoring of falls risk, frailty, gait and balance using sensors, smartphones and machine learning algorithms.

Kinesis provides validated machine learning solutions that measure mobility and function in a range of patient populations. Kinesis solutions are used in clinical practice as well as clinical trials in the assessment of digital clinical endpoints and the development of novel biomarkers.
Kinesis solutions are used by healthcare professionals and patients alike, utilizing both smartphone sensors and dedicated wearable sensors for in-person clinical assessment or remote patient monitoring.

Kinesis QTUG™ – validated wearable sensor solution to reliably assess mobility, falls risk and frailty, based on an the Timed Up and Go (TUG) test.

Kinesis Gait™ – portable, wearable sensor based clinical grade gait assessment solution, supporting multiple gait protocols including 6min walk, 25-foot walk, etc.

Kinesis Balance™ – smartphone application for remote monitoring and self-assessment of balance and physical function, uses either internal smartphone sensors or external wearable sensors.


  • Consortium bids for ROSIA tender.

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Medical devices & apps

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micro (< 10 employees and < €2 turnover)

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Barry Greene


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