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The Health Cluster Portugal (HCP) has as its main objective the promotion and implementation of initiatives and activities leading to the consolidation of a national cluster for competitiveness, innovation and technology, with an international outlook and, as such, taking into account high standards of quality and professionalism, to promote and foster cooperation between companies, organizations, universities and public entities, with a view to increase business volume, exports and qualified employment, in the economic areas related to health and to the improvement of health care.

We are a non-profit association aiming at promoting cooperation between organizations (either private and public). Our members include R&D institutions, universities, hospitals, civil society organizations, and companies in the fields of pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical technologies and services.

Our aim is to turn Portugal into a competitive player in the research, design, development, manufacturing and commercialization of health-related products and services, in selected market and technological niches, targeting the most demanding and relevant international markets, based on the recognition of its excellence, technological level and competences in the field of innovation.

Since the end of 2019, a group of members of the Health Cluster Portugal (HCP)Wiselife, Everythink, Sensing Future, NeuroInova, Neutroplast, Fraunhofer AICOS, INEGI, Centi, PLUX, HLTSYS, VirtualCare, 2CA-Braga, P5, Wisify – has been working on the development of an integrated solution – the Chronic Disease management platform – to remotely monitor patients for continuous disease management in order to promote improved quality of care to patients and alerts to health professionals and caretakers with little effort and lower cost than currently available solutions.

The features of this modular and flexible solution include sensors and wearables to remotely monitor patients, data integration and interoperability processes, as well as the development of tools and interfaces for data-driven support of clinical decision. These members are organized as part of a subcluster of the HCP, aiming to develop and strengthen the Smart Health and MedTech segment in Portugal – the Smart Health Network.


  • Medical devices companies other clusters end users.

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Coordinate and/or promote a consortium

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Micro (<10 employees and < €2 turnover)

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Patrícia Carvalho Patrício


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