Guven Future Health Technologies INC.

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As globally, precautions toward healthcare innovations are a worldwide problem in both patient and the clinical personnel side. The reason of this bias is because of the unrealistic thoughts and studies. Our aim is to combine the problem from each side which are healthcare specialist and patient.

After we are describing the problem brainstorming about the solution and then started to create the innovation Guven Future Health. But even in the development phase healthcare specialist will always be on the observation side. Our way of approach toward the problem is unique.

We are distinguishing from the other tech-company because we reach every aspect of healthcare necessities from the first hand. We want to change the perspective of innovative healthcare developments. We aim to implement as much as RPM (remote patient monitoring) devices glucometer, which is registered as medical device and sertificated by CE.

Thats why our solutions competable in EU. integration type of solutions to track related patients, collect real-time, online data and develop AI-based reporting systems to act predictive and preventive.

We have software integrated, currently used medical devices, which CE process is completed.

In the context of ROSIA, we are interested in developing solutions for the telerehabilitation of cardiovascular disease, with a focus on hypertension, coronary artery disease and heart failure, which are the most causes of cardiovascular morbidity and mortality burden. 


  • We are looking for partners whom we can support the proposed solution from a cardiovascular point-of-view.

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Medical devices & apps

Oranization size:

Small (< 50 employees and < €10 m turnover)

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Deniz Bakkaloglu


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