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Gripwise Tech is an Engineering company that develops connected medical devices. Gripwise is our first product and comprises a system that integrates a digital dynamometer with a smart connected load cell that evaluates handgrip strength. The device communicates via Bluetooth with a mobile app (iOS or Android), including gyroscope and accelerometer used for gamified purposes.

The app has the needed data and workflows for the assessment of the patients, and this assessment can be done periodically to track progress.

This hardware combination is portable, simple to use, and does not require any special technical skills to operate, being easily used by a caregiver. Gripwise’s solution, can be updated using different accessories in order to assess quantified strength in different muscular groups.

Gripwise dynamometer allows different shaped attachments and enables the development of multiple kinds of accessories in a connected way. Those can be created for different assessments according to the healthcare professionals and patients need.


We are looking for partners the can help us with:

  • Medical support for the definition of intended use of the technology referring to specific pathologies.
  • The design of the accessory to apply for the specific pathologies and the way it will be used to treat those pathologies.
  • Pilot the solution. 
  • Develop clinical studies.
  • Instructions on how to connect to the global platform.

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Organization  details:

Organization type:

Medical devices & apps

Oranization size:

micro (<10 employees and < €2 tumover)

Headquartes country:




Contact person

João Ricardo Gonçalves Santos Moura


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