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The FiberSalud Clinic is specialized in rehabilitative treatment of patients with traumatological and/or neurological injuries.

We have performed rehabilitation treatment on more than a thousand patients, both with conventional techniques (Bobath, Kabat, Perfetti method…), and with the latest technologies (robotic exoskeletons, virtual reality and 3D gait study). We use a technological telerehabilitation platform that allows interactive personalized therapies, with or without a sensor, to assess and evaluate the patient correct performance.

We have recently designed an immersive virtual reality project, based on different cognitive rehabilitation therapies, which boost and accelerate patient’s recovery, and enable individual and autonomous patient´s rehabilitation.

The FiberSalud Clinic opened its doors in 2006 in Huesca (a province in the North of Spain, next to Zaragoza province, with population density lower than 17 inhabitant/Km2). We are experts in sports physiotherapy, rheumatology, traumatology and orthopaedics, neurology (Cognoscitive Therapeutic Exercise) and cardiac rehabilitation.

Thousands of patients trusted on us for their rehabilitation treatment during these years. We work on a daily basis with patients from associations such as AECC (Spanish Cancer Association), ASPACE (cerebral palsy patients), VALENTIA (intellectual disability) or A.R.P.E.R (Association for the Permanent Rehabilitation of Rheumatological Diseases). We are at the forefront of the latest rehabilitation systems, both with conventional techniques (Bobath, Kabat, Perfetti method…), and the latest ones such as robotic exoskeletons, virtual reality and 3D gait study.

Therefore, we have cemented our position as a centre of reference in orthopaedic and neurological treatment in Aragón. We have been working with our patients on a technological platform for telerehabilitation which allows us to design therapies with and without a sensor.

Thanks to this methodology rehabilitation results improved in more than 70-80% in patients with medullar injury or cerebrovascular accident for instance, in comparison with regular techniques. We were encouraged to urgently improve our patients’ attention due to COVID-19 pandemic, especially when most of them live isolated in rural areas far from medical treatment and advice.

At that point, we developed an Immersive Virtual Reality (IVR) project. IVR has been widely used in education, training and psychological therapies, and it is being increasingly applied in neurological pathologies, improving, not only evaluations and interventions but also, patient’s motivation to achieve the highest level of functional improvement. Therefore, we have no doubts that it can become a feasible and beneficial tool for rehabilitation.

Our proposal shows a significant degree of humanization of this technique, besides fulfilling a dual function. On one hand, personalizing patients’ rehabilitation environment, where they take part of their own recovery process which leads to great relief of the loneliness feeling and improving adherence to rehabilitation treatment.

In addition, by working globally on the patient’s physical-motor-cognitive capacity (considering movement not only as a simple muscular contraction but also as a result of a complex activation that grows in the brain activity), the professional obtains a large range of inputs to work with, to improve or readjust constantly the treatment.


  • We offer you our expertise on physical-motor-cognitive movement. And we are looking for partners who can design and manufacture:
  • 1) Realistic and immersive three-dimensional virtual environments.
  • 2) Virtual reality glasses and motion capture system (both hardware and software) accurate, portable, easy to use and reusable and/or easy to disinfect.

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Social-community and individual services related to tele-rehabilitation

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Micro (< 10 employees and < €2 m turnover)

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Javier Viñuales


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