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We are a software solution managing diets in hospitals for more than 20 years with a high level of personalisation. With +25% of prevalence of Malnutrition (DRM) we want to help citizens to have a safe and personalised diet in hospitals and we would like to extend this service to home: menu planner, personalized, recipes, shopping list.. and other facilities to make it easy to choose a healthy and controlled diet.

We are a software company with a product, Coquus, who manage the food service in hospitals and nursing homes. We help hospitals to offer a personalized and healthy diet through automation and this capabilities can help patients out of hospitals, by continuing the prescription of the corresponding menus, with the patient personalization and other facilities to make it easy to follow the healty diet, like recipies or the automatic shopping list. Other tools such as nutritional control can be transferred from the hospital to the home.


  • We are diet management specialists and we work to include nutrition as part of any health treatment, both in prevention and rehabilitation. That is why we want to be part of a ROSIA consortium to guarantee the correct nutrition of the patient from the hospital prescription to the kitchen.

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Organization  details:


Social-community and individual services related to tele-rehabilitation

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Small (< 50 employees and < € 10 m turnover)

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Alberto Lázaro Araújo


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