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Comftech designs and produce class IIB medically certified textle-based monitoring systems for a non invasive monitoring of physiological paratemeters and body position. We have an independent app where data can be visualized but we also integrate with other platforms

ComfTech stems out of Comfortable Technology.

We design and produce textile based solutions for a non invasive monitoring of HR and ECG trace, RR, body position and activity level. Howdy System, certified as a class IIB medical device, consists of garments endowed with soft, flexible and hypoallergenic textile sensors wholly integrated in the fabric, connected to an electronic unit.

Data are sent via Bluetooth, to be visualized on a mobile app or on a webplatform, provided by ourselves or integrating with existing ones. In case of need, an external oximeter is connected to the System.

Data are stored locally and can be processed in real time, to generate a notification in case of HR and BR out of the normal range of values. Innovation is rooted in a multi generation experience in the textile field.

We strongly collaborate with the research community and we are engaged in projects concerning different applications, but the neonatal sector remains our core area: we can assure skin to skin care to full-term and premature infants, and in all cases where electronic monitoring is needed.

Excellent hospitals for neonatal care are experimenting our System in Italy and Abroad.

Adults and elderly people represent a further target for the company, which has been strongly engaged in local projects to counter Covid 19 pandemic; other ongoing experimentations concern oncological patients, sleeping disorders monitoring and rehabilitation. Our market goals have been fixed firmly believing that healthcare is the area where smart textiles can best meet an emerging demand.

Our competitive advantage is a medical certification, which means high reliability, coupling with high comfort. Further winning features are cost-effectiveness, since products are washable and reusable; safety, including them low-power transmission modules and induction battery recharge, and user-friendliness, with different interfaces for clinicians and end users.


  • Telemedicine-e-health, assisted living, elderly homes, healthcare at home, hospitals, universities, health system public and private stakeholders.

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Medical devices & apps

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micro (<10 employees and < €2 tumover)

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Licia Ponno


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