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Cardiolyse is addressing Early detection / Prevention of CVD, as well as CVD condition management for post-discharge, chronic patient cases at home. Fully certified (CE Class 2a) remote patient monitoring platform with cloud-based AI heart health analytics. The Cardiolyse solution has already been tested in NHS and Italian leading CVD Hospital chain.

We are happy to contribute with PLATFORM or/and API ANALYTICS and we are open to cooperation. We also have list of trusted connected devices for vital sign monitoring at home.

1. Remote Patient Monitoring platform with SDK integration of numerous vital sign monitoring devices (including ECG devices: handheld, patches).

2. AI Analytics Engine. Automated rest ECG data analytics & assessment; (CE marked Class 2a).

3. AI Analytics Engine. Automated Holter ECG data analytics & assessment; (CE marked Class 2a).

4. Automated HRV data analytics & assessment of stress, emotions, fatigue, recovery.

5. We have our own patented Scoring system for Risk Stratification and Early warnings with more than 300 heart health parameters analyzed.


  • All supplementing technology to address the use cases. We are also looking for a project leader / coordinator.

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Medical devices & apps

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Small (<50 employees and < €10 m turnover)

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Normunds Daudiss


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