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Bitbrain, remote brain monitoring and stimulation for telerehabilitation. We provide self-management devices for EEG and other physiological variables monitoring and followup, and several interventions for cognitive and sleep rehabilitation. Cloud based system for data management and analysis, and on-the-edge and cloud-IA systems for personalize interventions and follow-up. All Bitbrain monitoring and rehabilitation neurotechnologies are end-to-end solutions that follow the medical regulatory paths.  Open platform for telerehabilitation. We provide a platform that provides several telerehabilitation programs based on our devices and interventions.

Founded in 2010, Bitbrain commercialize high-tech EEG brain sensing devices and software solutions to make neurotechnology accessible to society. The company has global network of research/development partnerships and business distributors. The health division has extensive experience in developing EEG brain monitoring and stimulation self-management solutions for mental health.


  • Complementary rehabilitation programs. Evaluate the possibility to use or front/back-end platform as basis for the PCP.  Complementary partners for fulfil the PCP.
  • Coordinate a proposal.

Organization  details:


Open platform

Oranization size:

Small (<50 employees and < €10 turnover)

Headquartes country:




Contact person

Javier Minguez

Maria Lopez


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