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Bilbest Bilişim has extensive experience in integrating various e-health systems in real time. The Turkish National EHR System, developed by Bilbest as the IPR owner, demonstrates the ability to integrate all healthcare providers, facilitating real-time data exchange.

Other specialties: Dynamic, flexible configurations for data access, retrieval, mapping, cleaning, aggregation, business rules, and coding system translations for structural, semantic and technical interoperability Full stack Deep Learning/Machine Learning life-cycles (e.g. from data absorption through model refreshing to full deployment).

Bilbest Bilişim, an international company specializing in innovative solutions for health informatics, has profound expertise in large-scale software development, interoperability among diverse e-health systems, data analytics, mHealth applications, chronic disease management, and clinical decision support systems, and EHR/PHR.

Bilbest has developed Turkey’s National EHR System (aka. e-Nabız), which is the world’s largest smart EHR application with over 60 million active users and has integrated it into all health institutions at the national level. Besides, Bilbest is a pioneer in Electronic Medical Records with its product, Hospital Information System (HIS), which has been used by various large-scale hospitals since 2003.

Bilbest, one of the inventive organizations using big data tools and artificial intelligence engineering in the e-health domain, has also achieved great success in national and international high-scale e-health R&D projects for the last 20 years.

Some of our outstanding R&D projects are: – HSMonitor PCP (2020-2021) – Horizon 2020, Grant Agreement No. 856698 – eCare PCP (2021 – 2022) – Horizon 2020, Grant Agreement No 856960 – HeKDisco-Healthcare Knowledge Discovery (2020-2024) – ITEA 4 Eureka R&D&I Cluster.


  • We seek collaborations with companies that provide evidence-based expertise and services in tele-rehabilitation, training and motivation for patients.

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