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Our products are the CareWatch wearable – which offers unique features in terms of low-power usage, readability and telemonitoring options. DrinkWELL – an intelligent drinking solution preventing dehydration both with hardware and voice and mobile apps. EncourAGE – the social community ecosystem promoting activities and tackling social isolations (www.EncourAGE.care).

Harmony Health; an open platform to develop and run health applications One of the unique features is Harmony, a no-code, business and IT productivity facilitating the development of business rules driven applications – aimed at health and care experts.

It features advanced workflow concepts (dynamic workflow processing through complex event processing) and combines data with processes to create and run complex programs. One of its modules is the IoT dispatcher which manages the connectivity, storage and routing of messages to telemonitoring devices, als for 3rdd party devices and other IoT/EDGE nodes. Harmony supports all aspects of interoperability using open standards.

We’re a leading provider of digital products and services, targeting the 50+ and 65+ market segments with a range of PREVENTIVE (tele)care solutions which improve the quality of life. We’re on a “Ageing Well” journey: delivering personalized, preventive, solutions addressing the needs of people at risk of falling or at risk of physical decline due to the risks associated with inactivity, social isolation, dehydration and malnutrition.


  • We’d like to work with partners by sharing our expertise and offering the applications that we already have developed in the areas of telemonitoring and delivering interventions [Harmony Health platform].
  • The hardware that we provide provides unique features for advanced telemonitoring services, including connectivity options – both in the home and mobile. We design and mannufacture our own hardware and are thus the perfect agile partner to develop new hardware features – if needed.

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Micro (<10 employees and < €2 turnover)

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