EU co-funded project ROSIA closes its call for tender with 10 bids

Jul 15, 2022 | NEWS

ROSIA closes call for tender
  • A total of 10 bids were received by the 30 June deadline
  • The award report will be published on 29 September

Zaragoza, 15 July 2022.– H2020 co-funded PCP (Pre-Commercial Procurement) project ROSIA PCP has closed its call for tender with a promising total of 10 bids received. The call remained open from March 31st until June 30th on the Spanish Public Procurement Platform, where the award report will be published on September 29th.

The formal tender-opening session (Administrative and Technical envelopes) was held confidentially on July 1st. After studying the proposals, confirming that all requirements were met, and clarifying any ambiguities, the total number of 10 bids was formally announced.

Many of the bids were submitted by consortia formed by an international set of companies. Given the broad scope of the ROSIA’s tender, this is another promising sign.

The bids will be evaluated during July and August, and on September 9th the Financial envelopes will be opened in an session to which all non-excluded bidders will be invited. The list of awarded proposals will then be published on September 29th, and the signature of contracts for phase 1 will take place on October 19th.

Following the PCP process, the five awarded consortia in the tender will compete during the design phase of the solution (Phase 1) and the three solutions receiving the highest evaluations by the technical committee will move on to the prototyping phase (Phase 2). Finally, only two prototypes will be selected to enter the pilot phase (Phase 3).

ROSIA aims to develop an innovative technological ecosystem that enables the development of tele-rehabilitation solutions for rural areas. ROSIA’s ecosystem will be made up of:

  1. ROSIA Open Platform, to manage data and communications, and run shared services & solutions.
  2. ROSIA Developer Layer, to facilitate the collaboration between service providers to either develop, test, and/or deploy services for remote telerehabilitation.
  3. ROSIA Catalogue, to provide a ROSIA-compliant certified list of safe telerehabilitation digital therapeutics apps and smart devices to be “prescribed” to patients for self-care and self-monitoring.
Project ROSIA PCP was launched in January 2021 and involves 12 partners across 5 countries. The project’s three public procurers are: Servicio Aragonés de Salud in Spain, Centro Hospitalar e Universitário de Coimbra in Portugal, and the National Rehabilitation Hospital in Ireland.

The project is coordinated by IACS and supported by eight other entities with complementary profiles: VALDE (Spain), Instituto Pedro Nunes (Portugal), The International Foundation for Integrated Care (The Netherlands), The Decision Group (The Netherlands), Instituto para la Experiencia del Paciente (Spain), Aps (Denmark) and the Municipalities Panela and Soure in Portugal.

ROSIA has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under Grant Agreement No101017606

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